Choosing your builder

Picking your builder will be one of the most important things you do when building you new dream home. Your builder can make the process of building your house one of the most fulfilling and happy times in your life or a complete nightmare. We will give you some tips to help you avoid the latter. The most important thing you can do when selecting your builder is to gather as much information as you can. This can be done multiple ways:

1. Speak to their previous buyers. Ideally, you want to talk to people that have closed on and live in their homes as well as buyers who are currently building with them. You need to gauge how they handle current customers, their quality of work, and the warranty process.

2. Go to one of the builders’ current job sites. Walk around and look at the site. Is it clean of trash and debris? Is it easy to access? Are safety measures taken into consideration (ex-railing on stairs)? Are the subcontractors smoking and/or eating in the house? If they are, this can be a red flag that he is not effectively supervising his subcontractors.

3. When you are at the job site, talk to the subcontractors and see what they say about the builder. Do they like working for him? How does he handle paying them? How long have they been working for him? If they have just started working for him, dislike him, or he is very slow to pay, then these can also be red flags.

4. Google the builder. You would be amazed what can be found online. When you search for the builder, search both the building company and the actual owner name(s). We had one client that took this advice and was relieved to find out that the builder was in 10+ lawsuits before he signed a contract with that builder.

5. Is the builder a member of a local builders association? If he is a member, then this is a plus because he is openly involved with a well respected association. The professional associations try to keep their ranks clean with good builders.

6. Look the builder up on the Better Business Bureau. If they have a bad score, then this is an obvious red flag as well.

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