Custom Changes

What sets apart from other house designers is that in the price you pay for our plans we will include minor changes for free. These can include moving doors, windows, or other non structural items. It can also include flipping the plan (mirror image) for no charge. If you would like to make more involved changes we can do this as well. Our rates are $75 per hour in addition to the price of the house plans. There is no limit on what you can change. You can change anything about our plans. From moving walls, changing the roof or elevation, deleting windows or doors, or even adding or deleting footage, we can do it all. If you have any questions about changing any of our plans please do not hesitate to contact us. We will give you a free cost estimate of the changes that you would like to make just by contacting us. also can design a totally custom home for you from scratch. If you would like to do this please contact us so we can discuss your ideas with you and give you a price for this service. It is normally around $1 per square foot but can vary based on the plan. We have designed over 700 house plans and would love to help you in your journey for a custom home. Whether it is by modifying one of our existing plans or starting from the beginning.

Below are some examples of what the amount of changes looks like for the different time amounts to give you a rough idea of what it would cost to modify a plan.



8 Hours of Changes
As you can see the amount of changes for 8 hours can encompass quite a bit of work. On this plan we moved the the guest bedroom to the opposite side of the house, deleted the formal dining room, created a courtyard, redesigned the kitchen, added a third car garage, added a covered rear patio and bay window in the master. We also redesigned the utility area as well.



6 Hours of Changes
In this example of the work we did on this set of plans it was done in about 6 hours. The changes included: adding brick the rear of the home, reworking the master bath and closet, deleting the formal living, adding a bay window to the nook, added a large covered rear patio, added another bath, changed the design of the other bath and the study. And lastly we reworked the garage and utility area.


4 Hours of Changes
With this set of plans we changed the following: flipped the house, changed the garage door location, changed the tub to a shower in bath #2, redesigned the kitchen to a more open layout, reworked the master bath to include a Roman shower, and added 1 foot to the width of the house. 

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