What’s Included

When you purchase a set of plans in addition to the (6) sets of 24 x 36 and (15) sets of 11 x 17 you will receive the following in the pdf file* that is emailed to you:

Floor Plan–  A dimensioned and fully noted floor plan with all necessary information to have your house built correctly.

Electrical Plan  All outlets, switches, lights, fans, and any other items necessary for construction called out / noted.

Roof plan  A roof plan showing the roof layout and rafters.

Cabinet Plan  All interior cabinets are detailed as are any special features that need to shown for construction.

Elevation Plan  All four exterior elevations are show with all plate heights, roof pitches, materials, and any notes needed for construction.


* Most companies do not give you a PDF file for the printed plan price. We do this since we believe it helps you when you are getting bids from the builder/subcontractors.

We do not include a foundation plan due to varying soil conditions. When you get the plans from us we suggest you contact a local engineer to design a foundation based on your local soil conditions. We also do not include a plot plan. We can do a plot plan for you if you need one. Just contact us and we can discuss exactly what you will need in order to build your house.

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